gkrellm screenshot


once upon a time there was a little one-floppy-based tux-router, so called fli4l. and then, there was a little nice and nifty monitor for almost all kind of stuff, except, guess what, the little tux-router. so zeank(see below) wrote a very raw and basic gkrellm-plugin, mostly based on the gkrellm-demos. as he didnt use gkrellm anymore i took his codebase and rewrote it until the thing comes out you see now.

gkrellm-imonc depends on gkrellm2.

be sure to visit the sf.net-project-page too http://sourceforge.net/projects/gkrellm-imonc

the gkrellm-theme you can see on the left is called 'monkeylovers' and is available from the gkrellm-themepage.


at the moment, gkrellm-imonc is able to do the following:
  • display up/down stream
  • display cpuload
  • display uptime
  • dial / hangup default circuit
  • launch external command
you can see gkrellm-imonc in action in its unspectacular manner on the left side. its the topmost plugin, the 'phoenix' shows the name of my router and below that big chart there is a small cpuloadmeter. and last not least one can see the spectacular shiny onlineled and the fantastic connectionled, both full clickable with your mouse. :)

plans for upcoming releases include a lot of stuff the normal gtk-imonc is able to do.


2003 - 05 - 17 gkrellm-imonc-0.2

today i release the second minor release on the long way to a final or bette almost complete (in my eyes) 1.0. i fixed some issues and added some functionality, so i guess its ok to call it 0.2.
for more details take a look at the CHANGELOG file in the package or at cvs. have a nice day,



i am offering just the source-packages (at the moment), because my developing system is an almost bleeding-edge gentoo and so i am sure that binaries/libs wouldnt work on your system.
so you need for sure a compiler and the gtk/gkrellm2-headers and -libs to get things work.


the usage of the plugin is quite simple. just install the plugin into the plugin-directory of your gkrellm and enable the plugin through the pluginpanel. then you have to set host/pass/port of the router. if this is done, the plugin renders the up/down streams to the screen. leftmouseclick on the plugin will change the "displaymode", just try it out.


who is responsible for everything you see / dont see:
  • m. gumz <akira> - main stuff, gui and website
  • s. strigler <zeank> - first raw version, maintainer from gtk-imonc and other things
  • f. meyer <ukw> - head behind fli4l, who wrote the connectionstuff (imonc)